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The downside to pets

Just like a relationship, having pets means you bond with them, which leaves you vulnerable to heartbreak and loss. But I believe it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Would you avoid a possibly amazing friendship (or romance!) for fear of getting hurt? Some might, but those who do are really missing out.

Gill has ripped his right pectoral fin. I'm very attached to this fish and I will do what I can to make him happy and healthy again. I don't know whats caused it, but I suspect the plastic plant in his aquarium since they are commonly to blame.

The Plan

5.3.18 5 pm: I've purchased two additional aquariums because I am determined to keep his water in pristine condition and I'm adding aquarium salt to encourage fin growth and repair. I've never had to do this before so I'm hoping for the best!

5.3.18 8:15 pm: While transferring Gill to his new clean quarantine tank, I dropped him! He's fine. Maybe. I feel so guilty. He's not using his torn fin at all.

5.3.18 10:00 pm Gill is back using his torn right fin. Such a relief!


Through research and observation, it's become apparent that gill bit his own fins likely due to stress....for what reason? I don't know. I suspect lack of sufficient hiding places. He is still in quarantine and will be until his fins are at least mostly grown back. The ghost shrimp are thriving in their tank since I've added more live plants. They've really become a rewarding and entertaining pet.

When my pets are sick, I stress and feel sick myself. This is the aspect of animal care that is most difficult for me and makes me think twice before bringing home another pet.

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