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Beyond Pet Sitting & Training


I want to show people how to make the most of their relationship with their pets so that both human and animal thrive together.” – JP


Our passion for animals began in our childhood and has only expanded since. Some people want someone to just let the dog out, or take them for the occasional walk, check-in on the cat while on vacation – and we do all of that. But there are also people who, like me, trust no one to watch their beloved pets and are seeking a knowledgeable, kind, loving person whom their pet loves and whom they can trust with their pets’ care. We want to be that person for them. And more often we meet people who are just overwhelmed because they are busy, they work late, are sick or disabled, had a baby, had two babies, got divorced, etc. and they need a helping hand to be able to provide the best life for their pets - that’s what we want to be. Let us help you provide the proper care for your pet, no matter your situation. If you have care questions, send us a message and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have – and if we don’t know the answer, we will connect you with someone who does.

We are pet owners too . 


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Jennifer Perez Pierre

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* Certified Avian Specialist

* Former Veterinary Assistant

* 18+ Years Experience as a Pet Sitter

* Former Animal Care & Training Intern at The Palm Beach Zoo

* Animal Trainer

* ​Pet Care Manager & Trainer                  at J & W Pets

Animal care experience includes dogs, cats, and parrots, and other exotics.

With over 15 years of animal care and rescue experience, Jennifer's passion for animals began as a young child chasing chickens and hugging goats in her childhood farm home in Cuba. After begging for a Macaw as a child, she was eventually entrusted, instead, with the care of a beautiful Chow chow mix dog, Rinty. It was bonding with that large, rambunctious puppy that led to her interest in dog training. Several years later, the hospitalization of her sick Quaker parrot sparked an interest in animal medicine and nutrition. This led Jennifer to complete an internship at the Palm Beach Zoo to broaden her knowledge of husbandry and animal training. Currently, Jennifer is working towards becoming a certified dog trainer.


|    'We become responsible, forever, for what we have tamed'

(A. de Saint-Exupéry).      |


"I strongly believe we have an obligation to provide the best care possible for the animals we choose to bring into our lives. We all fall short because we're not experts and even experts don't always agree, but it's our responsibility to educate ourselves on the best standard of care and provide that for the animals we keep. Sadly many of us acquire animals with the best intentions but not the right information. I want to show people how to make the most of their relationship with their beloved pets so that both human and animal thrive together. Often that is done through training - a common language between us and the animal kingdom."  - Jennifer P.

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...and Winsly Pierre


* 18+ Years of Experience in Cat Care

* 10+ Years Experience Training Dogs

* Billiards Enthusiast

* Tinkers with 18 Wheelers

* A natural at engaging cats & dogs
to play

* Pet Care Specialist at J & W Pets

Animal care experience includes dogs, cats, and parrots.

You've met cat people? Winsly is a cat guy. He has a way with cats and he prefers them. He lovingly recalls the cats that have come into his life that have left a lasting impression. In particular, he bonded with a cat name Daisy. Daisy was a great companion with plenty of character and not phased by much. Unfortunately, he was also a lover of the outdoors and one day did not return. For this reason, he encourages people to keep pet cats indoors, and keep them mentally and physically stimulated by engaging them in play. Winsly also has an appreciation for dogs and their loyal, fun-loving qualities. He's helped train several of our family dogs over the years and is an absolute natural. He implements positive reinforcement techniques with great success. Winsly also enjoys getting to know and learning about all other animals. In his spare time he likes to play a good game of Billiards.


|    'We become responsible, forever, for what we have tamed'

(A. de Saint-Exupéry).      |


"Man, take your dogs for a walk, play with them. Just spend time with your pets. They're home all day waiting for us to get home and it's not their fault we are tired from working all day. They don't live that long (except for parrots!) so we should enjoy them while we can."  - Winsly P.

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