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Cement Perches
⚠️ Some cement perches have been found to contain lead. We do not recommend the use of any cement perches for birds. 

This perch has a smooth side on top to prevent foot sores. Still, keep an eye on their feet when introducing this perch and remove if any sores begin to develop. These can be an excellent way to reduce the need for nail trims. Some birds' nails naturally grow faster than they will file them down and they will still need occasional nail trims. Choose appropriate size perch for your bird's species. 

Ground flaxseed is easier to digest. We recommend buying whole flaxseed and grinding at home in small batches as needed. Ground flaxseeds can start to go rancid fairly quickly after they are ground. This is when the fats start to oxidize and you lose most of the nutritional benefits of those fats. (Read more here...)

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