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Premium In-home

Boarding Checklist                                 Requirements                                      Forms

Our Private In-home boarding is different from the typical "Dog Hotel" or boarding facility because your dog stays in a familiar home environment, not a kennel. Why does it matter?  We all experience some level of stress when we travel or stay at a hotel and so do our dogs. The more comfortable and familiar the environment, the more at ease your dog will be. In our home we provide:

  • A familiar home environment, with a fenced-in yard for your dog to enjoy and lots of love

  • Similar schedule & routine - we strive to maintain your dog's typical meal, potty break, exercise, and bedtime schedule 

  • Socialization with our own dogs, or separation if that's what your dog prefers

  • A whole room - a padded floor dog room and toys (this is your dog's personal space while in our home)

  • Personalized attention: we typically only accept 1 household for boarding at a time, so we can focus on your dog and keep him safe and content

  • Safety: We require up to date vaccines and monthly flea/heartworm for all boarding dogs. This ensures the safety of your dog(s) and our dogs (and the human caretakers). We also keep a first aid kit handy, just in case.

  • Special Accommodations: some dogs need significant exercise daily, others don't do well in a crate or when left alone for long periods of time, some dogs need medication on a daily basis, and some need lots of love and attention while they're apart from their favorite humans. We do not have a one-size-fits all system - every dog is unique and we want to provide them the best care when you're not there. 

  • Communication (and photos!): We update you as often as you would like about your pup while you're away, but we know there's nothing like seeing your dog to feel at ease so we provide you with daily pictures, and sometimes even video of what your pup has been up to. If we are unsure about something or if an accident or emergency should arise, we will be calling you right away.

Dog House













We have a padded floor dog room (for safety) with crates, beds and toys and other separate rooms, and a large, fenced yard. Dogs can be cage-free when we are home unless they are not friendly with other dogs. Whatever your pet's home environment is, they can have a similar environment when in our care.

Boarding Requirements

​❏ Vaccine Records (Rabies within 3 years, Distemper within 1 yr, Bordetella within 6mo)

❏ Proof of Negative Heartworm test within the last 12 mo.

 Proof of Purchase of Heartworm & Flea Preventive

*  Dogs that show aggression towards me or any human guests in my home may not be allowed back. However, if you are interested in addressing this behavior, let's talk!

*  Dogs that are not friendly with other dogs are welcome, however, because they require more planning please contact me before booking.

*  Intact dogs? Unspayed females are OK but must not be in heat during their stay. A fine will be charged if this occurs. Non-neutered males will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Boarding Requirements
Dotted Dog Beds
Dog Shampoo
Rope Dog Toy
3 Dog Collars

Boarding Checklist

​❏ Current Medications, if any (if low, remember to fill prescription)

❏ Food/Treats/Supplements

Special Equipment, if necessary (i.e. thundershirt, muzzle, etc)

Shampoo, Towel (please provide even if you have not selected grooming or bathing. If a bath becomes necessary, I rather use shampoo your pet is used to in order to avoid negative reactions.)

Toys, if any

Crate/Pet Bed, if any


Boarding Checklist
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