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Lady's Flower Log

Lady's Flower Log


All toys are handmade 🖐 from bird-safe 🦜renewable & natural 🌎, non-toxic materials.


Level of Difficulty                  Toy Type

Easy    Medium    Hard         Foraging



Cardboard, Jute Fiber, Sola Wood, Palm Leaf 🌴, Pine 🌲


What type of bird 🦜 is this toy for?

  • Small/Medium Birds
  • Baby Birds 🐣
  • Beginner Foragers
  • Birds that prefer softer materials, like carboard 


*Since all toys are handmade, sizes are approximate and may vary.

Mini ~ 8" long

Small ~ 8" long

Medium ~ 11" log

Large ~ 14" long

"Lady's Flower Log" is part of our Call of the Jungle line of toys. We named this after a very special White-capped Pionus named "Lady" who loves shredding cardboard and really enjoyed testing out this toy.

Made of mostly cardboard and other easy to tear materials, this toy is perfect for birds that are new to toys & foraging, baby birds or birds that just prefer softer materials.  

👀You found a foraging toy! Easily tuck treats into the side or top openings to encourage your bird to engage with the toy and search for their reward.

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