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All toys are handmade 🖐 from bird-safe 🦜renewable & natural 🌎, non-toxic materials.


Level of Difficulty                  Toy Type

Easy    Medium    Hard         Foraging & Chewable



Seagrass, Sola Wood, Pradip pod


What type of bird 🦜 is this toy for?

  • Small/Medium Birds
  • Baby Birds 🐣
  • Beginner Foragers
  • Birds that prefer softer materials 


*Since all toys are handmade, sizes are approximate and may vary.


Small ~ 5" long

Large ~ 6.5" log

"Clauliflory" is part of our Home Decor line of toys that are just as decorative as they are natural and appealing to the birds. 

This toy doubles as both a foraging toy and a crunchy chewable toy. 

👀You found a foraging toy! Easily tuck treats into petals of the sola flower to encourage your bird to engage with the toy and search for their reward.

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