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Seaside Pickings

Seaside Pickings


All toys are handmade 🖐 from bird-safe 🦜renewable & natural 🌎, non-toxic materials.


Level of Difficulty                  Toy Type

Easy    Medium    Hard         Chewable



Pine 🌲, Vine, Corn husk 🌽, Jute, Sola Wood, Loofah 


What type of bird 🦜 is this toy for?

  • Small/Medium Birds
  • Baby Birds 🐣


*Since all toys are handmade, sizes are approximate and may vary.


Approximately 7" long

"Seaside Pickings" is part of our 🐚 Caribbean Escape â­ line of toys. It is reminiscent of things you might find while walking along the seashore.

Made of a combination of fun textures, like loofah, and soft woods, like jute and pine, this toy is perfect for birds that enjoy a nice crunchy toy but aren't quite able to handle harder wood. It's also great for baby medium/large birds that are still learning what their beaks can handle.   

👀You found a chewble toy! Did you know that chewing is a natural behavior for birds? It is not only a great physical and mental exercise - it also keeps their beak trim and in good shape! Toys aren't meant to last forever - they're meant to be chewed up. 😉

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