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Bark Bites

Bark Bites


All toys are handmade 🖐 from bird-safe 🦜renewable & natural 🌎, non-toxic materials.


Level of Difficulty                  Toy Type

Easy    Medium    Hard         Chewable



Cork bark, Coconut Fiber 🥥, Vine, Mahogany Pod


What type of bird 🦜 is this toy for?

  • All size birds Birds
  • Large Baby Birds 🐣
  • Birds that enjoy a variety of textures


*Since all toys are handmade, sizes are approximate and may vary.


Approximately 9" - 11" long

"Bark Bites" is part of our Call of the Jungle line of toys. This line includes toys that look like a slice of the jungle/forest - rougher and chunkier than our other more polished toy lines. 

Made of mostly raw cork bark wrapped in coconut fibers this toy offers interesting textures that small birds can chip away at, while medium & large birds can take big bites of. 


👀You found a chewable toy! Did you know that chewing is a natural behavior for birds? It is not only a great physical and mental exercise - it also keeps their beak trim and in good shape! Toys aren't meant to last forever - they're meant to be chewed up. 😉

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