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Your Peace of Mind and Your Pet's Best Life is our Business

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Dog parrot training

Training is more than tricks - it is the language we use to communicate with our pets. Training is about bonding, enrichment, and communication. Let us help you address (or prevent!) those unwanted behaviors so you and your pet can coexist happily & safely.

We specialize in:

  • Dog Training  🐶

  • Parrot Training 🦜


For Dogs

​For Birds

  • Familiar home environment

  • No contact with other birds (disease prevention)

  • Individualized attention

  • Out-of-cage time each day

  • We only take 1 client at once

*We do not offer boarding for cats.

*We do offer boarding for small exotics. 

*For birds, email

pet sitting

For Pets that prefer to stay home

  • Perfect for cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and farm animals.

  • Letting dog out/feeding if you're coming home late

  • Pets that have anxiety about leaving their home



  • Feeding, Water, Waste  Cleanup, Bringing in the mail (optional), Administer Medication (if needed)

*Limited to service area.

*We also offer dog walking.

Service Area
training classes

Are you ready for a new pet? Whether you are still researching or you recently brought home a new kiddo, it's important to understand what you're getting into. 

Need help finding the best products, a local vet, or other resources? We can help!

We provide education on:

  • Dogs

  • Parrots

  • Cats

We hold monthly classes on parrot care and training for beginners. 

Customers are saying:

"Whether I book a drop in visit or board at Jennifer's home I know my fur babies ( I have 3) are going to be well taken care of. One of my babies is a senior and I am so thankful and grateful that she gives her a little more attention. Her updates are frequent and I appreciate the report cards and text pics! Thank you Jennifer!"

- Anna S.

"Jennifer did an awesome job! She totally exceeded our expectations! We loved the detailed report and photos each day. It put our minds at ease that our cats were in good hands. We came home to a clean, peaceful and orderly house with very happy kitties! We will call her again!"

- Robin G.

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