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Banana Swing

Banana Swing


All toys are handmade 🖐 from bird-safe 🦜renewable & natural 🌎, non-toxic materials.


Level of Difficulty                  Toy Type

Easy    Medium    Hard         Chewable   Swing Perch



Leather, Banana Leaf 🍌, Pine🌲, Vine


What type of bird 🦜 is this toy for?

  • All size birds can use as a chewable toy
  • Small birds can use as a swing
  • Baby Birds 🐣
  • Beginner Chewers
  • Birds that prefer to preen or pull on strands  


*Since all toys are handmade, sizes are approximate and may vary.

~ 8" - 9" wide

Inside diameter is ~ 6" - 7" 

Hanging length ~ 12"

"Banana Swing" is part of our Call of the Jungle line of toys. Made of dried banana tree leaves wrapped tightly to form a wreath, this toy doubles as a swing for small birds.

Stronger birds will crunch through the thick wreath while gentler birds will peel away at the layers and strands of banana leaves.

Swings can be lots of fun for birds and help them improve balance and coordination. Unlike tree branches in nature, which sway in the wind, typical perches in our birds' cages are stiff and do not move much at all. A swing provides that natural movement that a parrot would encounter in the wild. Some birds will need some practice to get used to a moving perch if this is their first time.

If your bird is target trained, you can use targeting to encourage them to try out this toy as a perch. Make sure to give a BIG treat reward when they do. Remember the key is to encourage, not push. 

👀You found a chewable toy! Did you know that chewing is a natural behavior for birds? It is not only a great physical and mental exercise - it also keeps their beak trim and in good shape! Toys aren't meant to last forever - they're meant to be chewed up. 😉

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